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Parent Involvement

SERTs are available for parent consultations at their respective schools. Should any parent want additional information on how they can assist their child the SERTs are always willing to answer questions. They are available at parent- teacher nights and school functions. One of the department’s goals is to have that dialogue with parents of exceptional learners. Studies have shown that the parents and guardians who are involved with their child’s education – their children do better in school.


Assessments that are done by the school will have several recommendations. Recommendations will be from any one of the following or a combination from the Speech & Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist/Physiotherapist, or Educational Psychologist. We encourage parents to take the time to review these documents that have been reviewed with them during a school feedback meeting and/or were mailed. These recommendations are carefully reviewed by the school team and incorporated into the student’s program at school to ensure every child’s success.


IPRC time is an excellent opportunity for parents to meet and discuss with the school team what their child’s needs and strengths are. These are scheduled once a year for exceptional students. Pick up a brochure at your child’s school for more information.