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Applying for Sponsorship

At the same time that you are completing and submitting your application to either the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) or to the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC), you need to be completing the Wiikwemkoong Board of Education Post-Secondary Educational Assistance Application Form.  This is an online form and it will be available in February each year and access will be given, through the link provided below.  

In order to process your PSSSS Application for Sponsorship in a timely manner, you must complete all necessary information on the Application for Educational Assistance, and submit the required documentation.
For assistance in completing the application, please review the FAQ’s on this page and the Post Secondary Student Policy.
You must submit an application for each session that you wish to attend during the current year.  (Ex. Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter).  Please keep in mind that there are specific policies for Spring/Summer requests.  Please review our policy for further information.



Applications will be considered based on eligibility and availability of funds.

Please contact the PSSSS office if you have any questions as you are completing this application.



2024-2025 Post Secondary Sponsorship Application
Deadline Dates:
Spring/Summer -  March 28th (Thursday as April 1st falls on Easter weekend)
Fall/Winter -  May 31st*   (June 1st falls on a Saturday) 
Winter - October 15th
*If any of these dates fall on a weekend, the date will move to the last business day prior.
Application Instructional Video
If you are unsure of how to fill out the application, please review the following instructional video:

Step-by-Step Orientation Workshop on "How to Apply for Funding"


Application Intake

Upon receipt of your application, the Navigators will issue an Application Received letter with a checklist of outstanding documents via email. Please submit outstanding documents to the "file manager" in your student portal in a timely manner (incomplete applications will not be assessed).  Please keep in mind that review for both application dates will take place once the deadline has passed.  Please give the Navigators a week to review the applications before checking on the status of your application.  The decision will be available in the student portal.  


If your application was received in full on or before the deadline date, it will then be assessed for eligibility and a recommendation will be made. Recommendations are reviewed based on available funding. If an application is eligible and funding is available an approval package will be issued. If an application is ineligible or funds are no longer available an ineligibility letter will be issued.  


Student "Outcomes" Portal

Once your application has been received, you can use the student portal to check on the status of your application.  Documents can be uploaded to the file manager here as well.  Please ensure that the file names are reasonable in length otherwise you may experience technical issues.    
Link to the portal:
Instructional video: