Transportation » FAQ's


1.    How do I get my child on the bus?

The parent must complete Form 227A (Bus Registration Form). All students must have one completed. 
Forms can be picked up at the schools or can be downloaded from the Wiikwemkoong Board of Education website.
2.    Who determines the walking distance from house to school for students?

The Wikwemikong Board of Education Senior Administration.
3.    Who is eligible for transportation?

All Nursery, Junior, Senior Kindergarten, and Grade one to Grade 3 students whose residence is over 0.5 kilometers by road from the school they attend or from the nearest applicable bus stop. 
All students attending Wiikwemkoong Board of Education Schools whose residence is over 2 kilometers by road from the school they attend from the nearest applicable bus stop.
4.    Are there cameras on the buses?

Yes! Provided for the safety of your children and the drivers, several cameras are installed in each bus that allows of view of each seat. There is also a camera on the outside of the bus that will take a photo in the event that a vehicle passes by the bus with its Stop Arm “OUT” and Flashing Lights “ON”.
5.    If I am expected to walk to school and there is a bus in my area with empty seats, can I ride the vehicle?

Non-eligible riders are not permitted to ride any vehicle having empty seats as there is no way to respond to those requests equitably across the region.
6.    How do I know when the buses are canceled?
You can visit our website and or social media sites at 6:30 AM for snow days. You may also download our app. Instructions for this can be found on our website under the parent's tab. 
7.    Are kindergarten students supposed to be picked up at their houses?
Kindergarten students will be required to walk to/from regular school bus stops for the morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off. Parents should be present when being picked up and dropped off at the stops. At drop-off locations, students under grade 4 as well as moderate to high special needs students must be received by an adult at the bus stop specifically, not dropped off by themselves.  If no adult is present, the bus driver/contractor will contact the Transportation Supervisor. The Transportation Supervisor will inform the school of the student being returned to the school.  The principal or administration will arrange pickup for the child at the school with the parent/guardian. 7. Bus Contractors, Bus Drivers, and Bus Monitors.