Land-based Learning

Land-Based Learning
To Parents, Guardians
Dear Families:
The Land-Based Learning environment plays an important role in the curriculum, providing students with opportunities to experiment and explore; ask questions, make observations; solve problems and build theories.
To enrich his or her learning experience, your child will be involved in learning activities on the school grounds and walking field trips within our Territory throughout the year.
You can help by:
•    Dress your children for Land-Based learning every day.  In Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
•    Providing a change of clothing and shoes in case they are needed. If your child gets dirty, they have been active and engaged in their learning. 
•    Providing rubber boots for Land-Based explorations when the ground and grass is wet.
•    A damp bagged towel or hand sanitizer and towel to clean their hands before snack time.
•    Signing and returning the Consent for Ongoing Field Trips/Excursions form
Recommended Clothing:
•    Wool socks
•    Running or hiking shoes and a pair of rubber boots.
•    Layers that are breathable and wick moisture away from the skin
•    Outer shell of waterproof, windproof clothing, including a rain jacket and rain pants
When it is cold: Please add:
•    Warm and waterproof hat and gloves / mittens that slip on and off easily.
•    Extra layers, including a warm and waterproof winter jacket and snow pants
•    An extra pair of warm gloves and warm socks (students should carry these in their bag)
•    Winter boots
When it is warm, please provide:
•    A sun hat
•    Sunscreen
Land-Based Learning Team