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Wiikwemkoong Binoojiinh Gshkiwewziwin - Online Learning Team

Wiikwemkoong Binoojiinh Gshkiwewziwin – Wiikwemkoong Student Success


Mission Statement:  ​


Ni digojiingming Anishinaabe Bimaadiziwin eni zhi kinoomaading miinwaa eni zhi gshkiwewzit binoojiinh,ka maamwizmi naadmoonggidwaa ekinoomaagejik wii ni gshkiwewziwaat kinoomaageyaat.​


Interweaving Anishinaabe world views with best teaching and assessment practices, ​ we will collaborate with teachers to build their capacity to enhance student learning.

Vision Statement: ​


Gida binoojiinhminaanik wii ni mshko naanaagdawenmowaat we'eni wii ni baabiingge’endamowaat Anishinaabe yaawaat.


Our students will become critical thinkers, problem solvers, meaningful global contributors, and ​

resilient Anishinaabe People. ​

Motto:   ​


Naadmoonggidwaa ekinoomaagejik, binoojiinhyag wii ni getnaamziwaat.​


Helping teachers help students dig deeper, reach farther, fly higher.




Wiikwemkoong Binoojiinh Gshkiwewziwin (WBG) works collaboratively with teachers to develop the best teaching and assessment practices for the enhancement of student learning.  We work to assist teachers with the implementation of educational programming as directed by the Principals. 


Our department consists of a Land-Based Learning Coach, two (2) Land-Based Learning Assistants, an Anishinaabemowin Coach, three (3) Instructional Coaches, and a Team Lead.


Our Land-Based Learning Coach is Nimkii Lavell.  He works with teachers to integrate traditional ways of knowing and a reconnection with the land.  His approach to land-based learning, or more accurately, Place-based learning, is to focus on the knowledge required to successfully complete the task, the Ontario Curriculum is secondary to traditional learning. 


We are excited to have two (2) Land-Based Learning Assistants to work with Nimkii this year.  They will participate in programming conversations with Nimkii and the teachers and assist with the implementation of the plans.  These positions will allow us to have a greater impact on decolonizing the education system by having greater accessibility to land-based learning leaders throughout the system.   


We are delighted to have Roman Trudeau and Alec Shawana joining our team this year as our Land-Based Learning Assistants.


We are also pleased to welcome Natalie Eshkawkogan to our team this year. 

She will be the Anishinaabemowin Coach.  Natalie will assist our Anishinaabemowin Specialist Instructors (ASI) to integrate Anishinaabemowin in all facets of the classroom.  She will work with the ASI teachers to increase the amount of Anishinaabemowin that students and teachers are hearing and learning daily.


This year, we will have three (3) Instructional Coaches.  Our Instructional Coaches work with classroom teachers to co-plan and implement best teaching and assessment practices to better meet the individual needs of our students.  Collaboratively, we work to integrate educational programming, as determined by the school’s Principal.  Instructional Coaches assist teachers with best practices Language Arts and Numeracy, many of which are transferable to other subject areas. 


Teina Pitawanakwat (Coach for Kindergarten to Grade 2) and Jayne Summers (Coach for Grades 6 to 12) will be returning to WBG this year, with slightly modified roles from the previous year. 


We are thrilled to welcome Zoe McGrath to WBG as an Instructional Coach.  She will be working with our Grade 3 to 5 teachers. 


In addition to working with teachers, WBG is responsible for the Board’s Community Day (March 5th, 2021).  For this event, we collaborate with Community Organizations to provide a day of events, learning, and fun for students, staff, and community members. 


WBG is working to revise the Social Studies Curriculum (Grade 1 to 8) to incorporate more place-based learning, with a focus on traditional learning.  WBG collects, consolidates, and analyzes School-wide assessment data.  This data is used to determine instruction, the next steps, and inform School Improvement Plans.  Our Coaches are available to assist with the delivery, marking, and co-moderation of these assessments. 


Requests for coaching can be submitted using the form at the top of the page in the WBG Resources and Information Sharing Team – if you are not able to access this team, please email Cathy Harley, WBG Team Lead, at charley@wbe-education.ca

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