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Student Information

  • Counselling- Students who are considering post-secondary education may be referred to the on-site counsellors at the high school.
  • Career Planning- Ontario Works has agreed to schedule individual two hour career planning sessions with any student interested.
  • Transportation- will be provided for any student living out of a reasonable walking range to program. Transportation will be provided by Ontario Works.
  • Daycare – Ontario Works has agreed to subsidize childcare, but only for the hours a student is in school.
A component of the program for all students will be the construction of a student profile. This will be a student record (written documents) placed in a secure filing cabinet. The record will be an up-to-date record of student’s academic goals and advancement. It will record all milestones in the student’s career at the Wikwemikong Adult Education Program as well as any formal and informal assessment observations made by instructors. Any other information, incident reports, suspensions, documents, attendance, etc will also be included in the student profile.

The student’s attendance is tracked daily, weekly, and monthly. The students used to be required to sign in when they arrive and leave, but there were inconsistencies, therefore Administration now logs them into a time sheet. The time sheet for the previous week is to be handed into Administration Assistant on Mondays where it is recorded onto a computer database.


Bi-weekly attendance reports are submitted to Ontario Works and LDM.


Bi-monthly meetings with each student to discuss progress (contract fulfillment).


Attendance is critical for the success of an adult learner who needs the help of a teacher. With the exception of ILC learners, prolonged absence of a student for any course without approval leave will be grounds for a six month retirement and re-appraisal.

Students will receive a starter package that will contain pens, pencils and other general school supplies. Students may request replacement supplies once their initial supplies have been exhausted. However, students that continuously misplace their school supplies (i.e. several times a week) will be responsible for supplying their own school supplies.


Classroom textbooks and other such materials must be returned after each class. If a student wishes to take a textbook home at night, they must seek approval from the Teacher or Assistant Teacher. Once approval has been granted, the student then will sign out for the material and the teacher or assistant teacher will initial. Once the material leaves the classroom, it becomes the sole responsibility of the student. Once the student returns the material, the Teacher or Assistant Teacher will initial the sign in sheet- returned. However, any materials that are not returned and deemed lost, will become the responsibility of the student and they must replace it at their own cost.

Vandalism and harassment: A student caught vandalizing Adult Education or Wasse-Abin High School property will be removed from the program and could face criminal charges. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. Consequences range from suspension to expulsion depending on the nature of the offense. Any student entering the program with a restraining order placed against them by an individual also in the program will be asked to leave immediately. This will then be followed up with a Trespassing Order with the Wikwemikong Tribal Police. This follow up will ensure that there will be no issues on school property.
Student Identification Badges will be used to identify students to maintenance staff. This will help differentiate between students entering the building and other individuals entering the building that may take advantage of the building being accessible in the evenings. The Administrative Assistant will photograph the students and place their photo and information on an easy to carry card that will be laminated. When the student population increases, the students may use these cards to receive benefits in the community such as discounts at participating merchants.

At least one member of the staff must possess active First Aid Training.


Students are asked upon registration whether or not they have health issues and allergies that we should be aware of.

The Adult Education Program adheres to the Wasse-Abin high school’s timetable. Classes are cancelled when regular schools are cancelled due to weather, holidays or other events. Students may refer to their local broadcasting source to inform them of school closings.
If an intoxicated individual enters the classroom and refuses to leave, the staff may seek the assistance of maintenance staff. However, if the individual becomes violent or maintenance staff is not readily available, the Wikwemikong Tribal Police will be called. Adult Education Staff is to never lay a hand on any individual or use verbal or physical force of any sort.
A student must be 22 years of age and have been out of school for a minimum of six months.